Tristana Fitzgerald 

Tristana Fitzgerald became interested in art after visiting galleries with parents. Continuing through school, to completing a Degree in Printmaking at Monash University. Artistic influences include locals Deborah Klein, with whom she worked at The Australian Printing Workshop during 1995-96 and David Fraser and Hundertwasser, (Austrian). Hidden Charm in Colour reflects on her response to the ‘feeling of otherness’ felt in social settings due to her disability.  

Produced by linocut printing, papercut revealing fabric creating atmosphere, the colours chosen ensure a sense of drama in the two dancers at a nightclub, one is leaving, (upside down) portraying alienation and anxiety. 

Title: Hidden Charm in Colour, 2019 
Medium: Linocut Print and Mixed Media 
Dimensions: 45 x 44 cm 
Price: $180