Kellie Wood

Abstraction, for me, is a means of expression that enables a sense of order to everyday life and its struggles, in particular, my struggles and the spectrum of mental illness. Abstraction counteracts negativity and provides a solace and lightness to mental chaos.  

This suite of paintings suggests a colour-field of energetic forms and fluent lines, suggestive of the work of Angela Brennan, Ken Whisson and Tony Tuckson, all of whom incorporate strong colour and expressive form in their work. Another important influence is Melbourne-based artist Jennifer Joseph and her use of mixed media, works on paper and assemblages—through abstraction.  

They have all substantially influenced my on-going painting practice and methodology and instilled a dedicated studio practice for more than 10 years. My objective in these current paintings is to create a lightness and positivity using energetic line and form: an antidote to darkness. 

Represented by Arts Access Victoria. 

Title: Untitled, from The Colours of Blackness series, 2020 
Medium: Acrylic on canvas 
Dimensions: 102 x 76.5 cm 
Price: $900