Jonathon Goodfellow 

Jonathon is a Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist working in the visual arts including digital art and coding, photography, portraiture, multimedia / video, puppeteering and writing.  

His work is committed to giving voice to the marginalised, the unnoticed, the unseen, the discarded - whether blinded by familiarity, indifference, discrimination, or an inability to recognise social, cultural & artistic value outside of a narrow focus.  

In this regard, his work is as much about the practice of raising awareness of human rights issues as it is an arts practice. 

Represented by Arts Access Victoria. 

Title: What Does It Take For Your Disability To Be Visible?, 2020 
Medium: Self portrait, digital photography and "hand-stitched" coding, archival colour pigment dye print on museum grade cotton rag 
Dimensions: 42 x 33 cm 
Price: $160 (10 print edition)